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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Schools Are In Crisis: Where Do Broken Promises Go?

Promises, Promises, Promises
The Referendum of 2004. Has it been closed out yet? Did we get everything we paid for? Are they ready to shove another one down our throats? Take a look at  the referendum of 2004 and refresh your memories. Keep in mind that some of the same people that are glad ragging each other about their accomplishments in facilities construction and maintenance are the ones that sold us on the referendum and the promises.
They knew what the Community wanted, so they promised it to them and then proceeded to do exactly what they wanted.

"The Englewood Public School district can only issue objective factual information. We trust the following facts will help Englewood Residents make informed decisions when voting on Tuesday, March 9th."

I was one of those voters on Tuesday, March 9, 2004. I voted for the referendum, because I believed the things promised in the referendum. I was raising my sister's 2 children and knew first hand that the promised improvements would make life better for my niece and nephew. This document was saved as many others have been saved. We have not forgotten. The people of Englewood must begin to remember the many promises. It is our only salvation. Read the FACTS as presented by the Board of Education and see for yourselves how much each homeowner paid per month for the promises in the Referendum of 2004. We don't need Dr. Carlisle or the people who were responsible for these promises shoving anymore garbage down our throats about facilities. We want the promises that were broken to be repaired. When we vote on April 17, 2012, we must remember the promises that have been made over the years. There comes a time when broken promises become plain old fashioned lies.

Click on the links below and read in order the Board of Education Newsletter that outlines the Bond Referendum of 2004.

Page 1 Myths and Facts about The March 9th Englewood Public Schools Bond Referendum
Page 2 of Myths and Facts
Page 3..Now they use other towns as examples (Go figure. They should emulate other things from them)
And now to the promises...
Page 4 Englewood Public Schools Newsletter: March 9th Bond Referendum School Highlights*KhkgOhN9pnCA3iFg

Grieco is a large, beautiful school, but how many of you have actually enjoyed all of those added recreational features that were promised?

                                   How are the children?