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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Excuses, Excuses and Too Many Broken Promises!

Equity and Excellence money is gone...May we move on now. Enough is Enough!

March 29, 2012...Another Budget Meeting
Dr. Carlisle and the Business Administrator played tag team. It was interesting that they were on stage and above the Board of Education. This forced members of the board to turn around and look up to them whenever they were not clear on an item or issue. It presented an awkward picture that basically mirrors the awkwardness that has taken control of our district.

Based on the reaction of the Board, on certain issues, they have not read the Annual Preliminary Budget's supporting documents.  It is also very interesting that there seems to be a role reversal in relation to Carlisle and the Board. He clearly tells them what to do. The tail is wagging the dog. He doesn't want an assistant superintendent so they are not looking to hire one. It was suggested that someone from within the district should be  promoted. They did not seem amenable.  Carlisle suggested that there are several people who fill the role as his assistant. He did not reveal any names. So what happens when he is not present? Who is in charge? Is it a committee of people who give him advice or assistance. Call me silly, but that is not acceptable. It sounds like more of the same behavior which signifies poor planning and work organization. It is more than obvious that Curriculum and Instruction is not his strong suit. It is clear to me that the man needs help and preferably from a certificated person who has worked in New Jersey and is familiar with Curriculum Development and New Jersey Educational Codes, Statues and Legislation.

It is in the best interest of the children and the district to have an Assistant Superintendent and an Attendance Officer. During the Candidate's forums in 2011 we were promised an Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction. This promise was repeated at each Candidate's forum. This promise has been broken like the ones from the last referendum. The referendum that we paid for promised a  lot of things that we still do not have in Englewood. Those promises include a basketball court  at Grieco, science laboratories at JDMS, 2 new science labs at DMHS, new classroom and corridor lighting at DMHS, renovated wood and auto shops at DMHS, a new dance studio at DMHS, a new soccer field at Winton White Stadium, a new illuminated basketball court at Winton White Stadium, and a library media center at Quarles to list a few.  Read for yourself. Where did the money go that was earmarked for the aforementioned facilities improvements that were not implemented?

Perhaps if the board abandoned the $290,000.00 idea of a maintenance shed/garage/office building it would free up more money to be used in a way that clearly impacts student achievement. Far too much talk is of brick and mortar and too little talk and action is of student achievement. The assignment of an Assistant Superintendent in charge of Curriculum and Instruction and an Attendance Officer clearly puts the welfare of the children first above the maintaining of buildings and machines. Everything that is done to improve facilities should be designed to improve the achievement of all students. More attention continues to be given to students from outside our town than to our own homegrown children. When will the stakeholders be made aware of the long range plan concerning St. Cecilia, the space beneath the stands at the football stadium and the lush green patch of land in the flood hazard area? 

No one mentioned the fact that the Board has clearly earmarked a $25,000.00 bonus for the school year 2012-2013 for Carlisle. How do we anticipate giving him a bonus in these hard times? There is no evidence that  he has done anything special for the children. Since his arrival he has demonstrated an affinity towards single parents (women especially). If the outsourcing threat goes through he will have deprived single women of  their jobs and raised their taxes at the same time. How is that for Cowboy justice?
In one of his many off hand statements, he alluded to the fact that other districts are resorting to half day kindergarten in order to save money and that we ought to be glad that he isn't suggesting that as an alternative here in Englewood.

I will have a lot more confidence in this board when they demonstrate that they understand the relationship between the board of education and the Superintendent. I am still waiting to see his contract, his evaluation for the past year, goals and objectives that were created specifically for Englewood students..

I will not belabor the point further. Follow these links and read the figures and supporting documents for a Budget that you must vote on April 17, 2012.

FYI: Sometimes global learning begins within your own state or even county.  Perhaps a clear understanding of how our neighbors do things might actually help us when we jump to other continents. Use the links in the attached document to discover how other towns in NJ evaluate their teachers and principals. Note that Englewood does not list an evaluation method for teachers or principals. This is consistent with there not being one for the Superintendent.

                                           How are the children?