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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

We Would Like to See More of You

To the person redesigning the EPSD site. 

All teachers and staff should be encouraged/required to fill in their profiles.  Profiles should include a recent photo. I applaud those who have already done so. You know who you are. This is what is called true transparency. 

For those of you who have NOT done this:
Write your biography with certifications. Be proud of what  you have done with your career. It also gives us more confidence in you, your experience and abilities.

We have been told that you opted out of parent conferences. We are told that we communicate on the computer and that is enough. Filling out your profile actually gives us a face to connect with the name. Even when there are no apparent problems, it is best that we have an image of you. We hope that you feel the same. Sometimes we feel as if our children are being taught by strangers. It is scary enough to hear that strangers may be coming to the various offices once select staff has been outsourced.

Staff & Security: It also gives us familiar faces to trust when we drop off our children and grandchildren.

              How are the children?