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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The New Accountability System: Why was Englewood City LEFT OFF?

Why was Englewood, New Jersey left off  the New Jersey Department of Education's List of Priority, Focus and Reward  schools? The 3 categories are described below. Have Englewood students been Left Behind, Again?

In developing a new accountability system, the Department of Education will create three tiers of schools, which will be identified using both growth and absolute proficiency. These schools will be identified during the summer, and interventions will begin in the 2012-13 school year:

A. Priority Schools: The Department will identify the lowest-performing five percent of Title I schools across the state using proficiency, growth, and graduation rates. Any non-Title I school that would otherwise meet the same criteria will also be designated as a Priority School.

B. Focus Schools: The Department will identify at least 10 percent of Title I schools as Focus Schools. These schools will be selected from Title I schools that are not categorized as Priority Schools and will be identified based upon achievement gaps between subgroups and low performance or graduation rates among particular subgroups. Any non-Title I school that would otherwise meet the same criteria will also be designated as a Focus School.

C. Reward Schools: The Department will identify Reward Schools based on high proficiency levels or high levels of growth, including progress toward closing achievement gaps. This will allow for a range of schools from across the state to attain Reward status, regardless of their absolute starting point.

Excerpts of Data gathered from North

5 Bergen ..................Bogota -  Bogota Jr   Sr  High Sch 
6 Bergen ..................Cliffside Park  - Number 6 
7 Bergen ..................Hackensack - Hackensack High 
8 Bergen ..................Hillsdale - George G White 
9 Bergen ..................New Milford  - David E  Owens M S 
10 Bergen ................Paramus - East Brook Middle 
11 Bergen ................Rochelle Park - Midland  No 1

At first glance, I assumed it was because it is impossible to be a School Choice and be a Priority or Focus School at the same time. It goes without saying that we are no where close to being a Reward School. That can't be the reason because Bogota is also a School Choice.

You may add that to the things that make you go Uhmmmmm....!

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