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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28: Board Meeting Updates: The Budget

Dr. Carlisle is back. Only 5 community members were in attendance. We expected to see a budget, but we did not. What we did see was an Election/Budget Checklist* Dr. Carlisle showed a power point where he corrected some misinformation given in last Thursdays State of the District's Library Media Centers. It seems the number of books to students was not reported properly. It seems we are more aligned to the National Average (of 20 to 1) than was reported in the presentation. 

Dr. Carlisle also mentioned that class size would have to change for next year. This was very interesting since this board of education hired the staff that made the district overstaffed. They were not forced to hire all of the new teachers. Dr. Carlisle merely recommended them. They approved and did the hiring that put us in the situation that we are facing right now. Many of the new hires were told when presented to the Board that they quite possibly were not going to be rehired. The knew they were taking a job for one year only.

Bells and Whistles - Dr. Carlisle spoke about bells and whistles and how we would have to adopt a simpler plan for the future. A lot of credit was given to the Board in that they are trying to streamline the Budget. Well, they do not get accolades here. Those of us who were in attendance on certain occasions have noticed the change in Dr. Carlisle since he arrived. He did make too many promises to too many people. He was allowed. That change came because of what he is mandated to do by our board of education. We have watched them waste money much too often. They  have placed the district in the situation that we now face. It was NOT encouraging to hear Dr. Carlisle suggest that the new BA has been working closely with the Board to formulate a budget. At least 2 of the most powerful Board members have been there too long. They are in charge of Finance, Academics and Facilities. They are a large part of the problem. If we must depend on them to help with the Budget, we are doomed. I hope that the New BA will call upon an entity that should have been used long ago to help with the budget and other very important matters.

More Waste - We paid the New Jersey School Boards Association $26,000.00 last year for services that we did not use. I contacted the NJSBA to find out why we paid them this money. The answer was that the amount represented the annual dues and that these dues are based on the number of students in the district and must be paid even if we do not use their services.  I was given a list of services that are provided by the New Jersey School Board Association. After further investigation, I learned that we have not used the services of the NJSBA since before Dr. John Grieco was made Superintendent. The kids always referred to Dr. Grieco as GANGSTA. Well, the gangsta is no longer here and we want our board of education to follow the law. It is evident that the Board needs the counsel, services and the proper direction provided by the New Jersey School Boards Association. We are paying for the services and support and we want them utilized. 

NJSBA - Our board is mandated to have a liaison to the New Jersey School Boards Association. (18A:6-45, 46,47,48) Most towns have a Delegate and an alternate. Candidates for School Boards and Board Members.

What is the difference between the Englewood Public School District and the ones listed below? Easy, they follow the laws of the state of New Jersey. They use the services for which the taxpayers in their districts pay. They all have active liaisons/Delegates to the NJSBA.  We must demand that our board does the same. It is the Law. We do have recourse if they refuse.

Teaneck, the Delegate is the School Board President, 
Dr. Ardie Walser and the alternate is Dr. Henry Pruitt
Bergenfield School District

Mountainside School  District
Marlboro Township
West Windsor - Plainsboro Regional School District
Fairfield School District
New Brunswick Public Schools
Washington Township Public Schools
hunterdon Central Regional
New Jersey Association of School Administrators - We hope our Administrators are active members in this organization also.

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