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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Celebrate 100 Years at the Ideal Elks Lodge In Englewood, NJ

Black History is being made everyday. In February, it just gets more attention. Teach your children the history of their ancestors every single day of the year. 
Meet and greet "your organizations"
Lite Buffet, Music & Program Presentations
All organizations and concerned citizens are invited and encouraged to bring business cards and brochures.
17 Bennett Road Englewood, NJ
$10 donation
Join us in Celebrating a year long Birthday Party and Centennial Celebration of our Elks Lodge 
.Our a two and a half story building constructed around 1912. We are celebrating our Centennial in 2012, as a local Lodge for the Fraternal Order of the Elks. This information is documented by the Englewood Historical Society and archived by the Englewood Public Library. This very interesting building combines features of several early 20th century styles and is therefore difficult to place stylistically.
From decorative window panes to its large wrap around porch, it is a visually prominent edifice. Home to ‘traditions bearers’,The Elks Lodge has been home to a wide variety of creative and artistic responses to life in Englewood, focusing on being home to first

generation Fourth Warders and their daughters, sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren. The Lodge became home and the place to go to for help to African Americans who migrated here, to Englewood New Jersey, with strong southern roots.

It should be noted here that this is the second location for the Ideal Elks Lodge that supported African American families who migrated here. The first one was located on Humphrey St. near Lincoln School and across the street from Black & White Taxi Cab.

From The Book of Englewood by Adaline Wheelock Sterling...pages 259-262 "...1910...It is to be noted also that the Englewood Lodge of the Elks, on January 10th, purchased property for a club house on Bennett  Road, with an eye to future anniversaries. The Hospital Fair in October added $4,000 to the treasury of the institution..."
17 Bennett Road, Englewood, New Jersey

The doors open at 4pm. All are welcome. Bring your business
cards and fliers. We are one Community.
This majestic building stands as testament to the endurance of African Americans. It is in need of repair, so is the solidarity within our community. Join with us on February 26, at 4pm to celebrate. the First Community Organization Day.  For more information please click here.
Special Invited Guests:
NAACP Bergen County: President: Anthony Cureton
Bergen County Relief Center Director: Derek Boone
English Realty: Ronald & Joanne English Rollieson
Women's Rights Center: Susan Grey Burr
Encounters in Black Traditions - Digital Media Consultant: Samuel Lee, Jr.
Urban League For Bergen County: President of Bd. of Directors: Renard Wright

September 4, 2011, The Elks, Shiloh Lodge, American Legion and the Jabari Society came together to honor one of their own. He was a member of all the above organizations and worked to help the youth of Englewood. It is hoped that these organizations will carry on the tradition of working together in order to serve as an example to the larger community. The photographs on this page were taken at that event.

On this day, the children were well
Let it be so
Forever more.