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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Will Your High School Senior Be College and Career Ready?

Trenton, NJ -The Department of Education today announced the formation
of the College and Career Readiness Task Force, a group of K-12 and
higher education practitioners and business community representatives
that will have two main responsibilities: clearly articulating the
knowledge and skills that students should master to be "college and
career ready," and ensuring that New Jersey has the appropriate
graduation requirements and high school assessments in place to evaluate
the mastery of these readiness standards. The task force will submit its
recommendations to the Department of Education by December 31, 2011. 

"Our number one priority is to ensure that students across the state of
New Jersey are not only graduating from high school, but that when they
do, they are truly ready for college and a career. When you have over 90
percent of students who matriculate to Bergen and Essex County Community
Colleges requiring remediation before they can begin college-level work,
we clearly are not hitting that mark," said Acting Commissioner
Christopher D. Cerf. "In order to ensure that we are aligned with our
colleagues in higher education, we are bringing together practitioners
from both fields to clearly define the knowledge and skills that
students need to be ready for college and a career."
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