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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: What is a Pep Rally?

How do you justify a charge of $5.00 for attendance at a Pep Rally? Is the purpose of  this to generate school and team spirit or to make money? How do you use a Pep Rally as a fundraiser? What kind of message does this practice send to the students? What did our students get for their 5 bucks? Did they get a banner to wave, a little football, a whoopie cushion? The purpose of a pep rally is to engage the entire  school in support of the team in hopes that everyone will attend the game to support the players and the school. We want more people from the home team in attendance than from the visiting one. Don't we?

Go Raider Nation!
Most schools have the pep rally the last period of the school day. It is generally held the last day of school before the game. Attendance is mandatory for students, teachers and some staff. Classes file into the gym or stadium by grade and they sit together with their banners and cheer on their teams. The band plays, cheerleaders and color guards perform. There is loud music, an MC and even little competitions to see which grade is able to make the most noise in support of the team. The rally before the homecoming game is usually the most impressive. The team members are presented to the entire school population amid a great deal of noise and fanfare. The football players enter fully dressed in playing gear and are escorted onto the floor or field by cheerleaders holding each arm. The guys are in their glory and get a chance to bask in the love of their school and classmates. This is a psyche up technique that has proven effective since the very advent of athletic games. It is thought to boost player performance on the field, because it makes the players feel special and supported by their school. The excitement generated at the pep rally encourages students and everyone else to purchase tickets to the game.

Okay, the Homecoming Game. That word, Homecoming. What is the purpose of "Homecoming Games?" Doesn't that mean that alumni are coming home for the signature game of the season?

"Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former residents of an area or alumni of a school. It most commonly refers to a tradition in many universities, colleges and high schools in North America. It usually includes activities for students and alumni, such as sports and culture events and a parade through the streets of the city or town." Wikipedia

Does the student body know the origin of homecoming? Perhaps they should learn. Maybe the knowledge of its origin would let them understand why it is such a strange thing to have 2 sets of homecoming kings and queens for 1 high school. Need we even mention that there will still be two sets of homecoming Kings and Queens. One set for the South building and one set for the North building. In effect the $5 admission charge further enforces the separate and apartness of the school. What about the fact that the newly renovated locker rooms are too small to hold the football team? The lockers have not even been installed yet. What was the real purpose for renovating beneath the stands? 

Why was this pivotal game the 4th one of the season? Aren't these games traditionally closer to the end of the football season?  This game also follows Rosh Hashanah.  What is up with the scheduling of sports events? The Pep Rally cost more than the culminating event, which is the homecoming game. Word on the street (and according to the line item on the board agenda) is that the gigantic tent and sound equipment used for graduation this year was rented through the athletic budget. Now is there really such a shortage of money?

My granddaughter wanted to be involved so I agreed that she could help decorate the halls for spirit week. On Wednesday, I asked how the pep rally went and she said I don't know. There was a flyer that said it would be on Friday and would cost $5. I was sure that she was mistaken. She was busy doing her homework all day today. She is afraid of the stigma that is being placed on DMHS students. You know the one. The one that claims that DMHS students do not do homework and do not care about school.

"It is amazing what a winning football team can do for a school district." 
Dr. Donald Carlisle