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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy first day of school to everyone, everywhere!

Everyone Owns The Information 
and Knowledge is Power

Today is the first day of school.

It is my hope that each may learn in a safe and healthy environment.
I hope that children everywhere are mentally present and are eager to begin the year.
I hope that teachers are prepared to acknowledge and motivate students to attain information.
I hope that teachers encourage  and guide each child to be the best.
I hope that every child will enjoy the equity and excellence in education promised in election years.
I hope that each child of age to attend pre - kindergarten and kindergarten is enrolled in the public school.
I hope that the music, visual art, dance and drama programs are still nurturing future great artists.
I hope that students are excelling in technology rich coursework. 
I hope that challenging and creative  sports programs are producing fabulous athletes who have facilities large enough to hold them and the equipment they need.

I hope that the culture of winning has not been replaced by the culture of greed.
I hope that the literature is classic, contemporary, fiction and non fiction.
I hope that everyone is encouraged to improve academically, to be of good character and a good citizen
I hope that each library is filled with literature that will engage students in the act of reading.
I hope students are able to read about every culture's history.
I am confident that curriculum in every subject grades pre -k to 12 has been updated and made relevant.
I hope that every child is prepared to be challenged

I hope that teachers are prepared to expect the best achievement 

I hope that everyone will have as a goal that every child should read and write English when entering the first grade.

I hope that this is the year that everyone will realize that even in the most exact examples of ability tracking systems students still take art, physical education, music, chorus and participate in school wide sports activities together.

                                               How are the children?