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Friday, August 5, 2011

Where 'O' Where is Our Attendance Officer?

"Parent Liaisons" Are NOT ATTENDANCE OFFICERS and we are not BERGEN ACADEMY...This perpetual denial is harming our children that you have sworn to protect.

I arrived in Englewood August 22, 1967. My Grandma lived in the attic of the house on the corner of Jay and Humphrey across the street from the Blue Moon. When I entered school that year one of the first things I learned was to stay off the street if you were not going to school. I never worried about it much, because I loved school, that is, until I moved to Englewood. I grew up in a farm community. The entire country depended on the produce that came out of Warren County, North Carolina. For that reason, we were never penalized for non attendance for the months of September and October. My report card had a giant X drawn through those 2 months. I couldn't wait to go to school. It was our only entertainment.

Dwight Morrow was an enigma to me. My 7th grade teacher had been very involved in the "Civil Rights Movement" and taught us a lot about the ways of folks up North. I thought I was prepared. Nothing could have prepared me to be the new girl at DMHS. I needed an attorney before I could even be registered. My Grandma was basically a functional illiterate and did not have a clue. Reverand Goodman of First Baptist Church was her advisor. He sent us to a lawyer named Sidney Dinsin. (last name spelling may be incorrect) His office was directly across the street from Woolworth's (now Victoria's Secret) My Grandma gave me a slip of paper with his address and the rest was up to me. Mr. Dinsin counseled me and drew up the papers that were sent South for my Mother to sign. He told me about the attendance policy and about the man who worked that job at the time. He said he was a friend of his and warned me that I should not cut school. I don't know how true that was, but I had never met a lawyer before so I took him seriously.

Our attendance officer was no joke. How did I know that? Everyone, and I do mean everyone took their cutting seriously. There were no children hanging out on the streets during school hours. At that time I did not know all that Mr. Wright did, but I do remember the respect that he was accorded.

The attendance officer in Teaneck reminds me of him. Al is a retired policeman that everyone takes seriously. Even though he is the enforcer, he is still well liked. There are stories of him watching kids get on buses under the Margaret street bridge and following them to New York where he meets  them at the bus. He has been known to return them to school and visit their homes. Teachers have been known to speak to him about missing students who show up in a shamefaced way later. Englewood needs that type of Attendance Officer now. No has to tell me that the "Credit Recovery Program" is filled with children who do not go to class or who are constantly truant. I live on a street that connects to a popular through way for kids leaving school. It is generally quite busy, especially when the weather warms in spring. There are no final exams to worry about. Students are basically cruising until released for the summer. Every little bit helps. State law requires that every school have an Attendance officer. It might also help to have formal final exams.

For the purpose of enforcing the provisions of this article, the board of education of each school district and the board of education of each county vocational school shall appoint a suitable number of qualified persons to be designated as attendance officers, and shall fix their compensation; except that if a county attendance officer or officers are appointed for any county, any district board of education of such county may be exempt from the appointment of a local attendance officer if such exemption is approved by the county superintendent. Each board shall make rules not inconsistent with the provisions of this article and subject to the approval of the commissioner, for the government of the attendance officers.

Not only is there no attendance officer, I do not see any indication that our board of education is even aware of the fact that children may NOT legally drop out of school at age 16 anymore. The new age is 18. It has been detemined that this might help students become more prepared for the workforce once no longer in school. Follow the link below to the new law.  It seems that this bill is still not Law. One can only hope.

Why is the Board of Education NOT following the letter of the law in this matter? Perhaps an old time Attendance Officer would be a valuable addition to the school district. I do realize that we have what we have named "Parent Liasions". I must ask, how is that working out? Not well, it seems. Is that title a state approved one for someone who serves as the Attendance Officer?

How are the children?