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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Where 'O' Where are Dwight Morrow High School Sports?

Rear of Winton
White Stadium
 Are DMHS sports being taken over by DMAE, an academic program at Dwight Morrow High School?   Follow this link if you do not believe me.  This insidious invasion has worked its way deep into the fiber of the school and its official website. The DMAE Girl's losing basketball team has 184 photos on the DMHS official site and the winning boy's basketball team does not have a single one. Oh, and someone sent me on a search for one, but hey masked man, I never found it. What is wrong here? Is it because the Boy's basketball coach is a graduate of DMHS? Was he fired because he embodied too much of the winning history associated with DMHS sports. Is this another example of how the history of DMHS is being erased? 

(Oh, I forgot, the official word is that there is no official word on Mr. Akridge's coaching position.) Rumor is that DMHS has been relegated to the old gym and that DMAE controls the new one. Is that the real reason the floor colors were changed? Good try Ms Sheard, but you get no cigar for your "the white will turn yellow" explanation. In 27 years, I never noticed that the white in the blue and white of Teaneck's floor turned yellow.  Egads!

Where is the track coach's office located  now? Did they give him a new one or is he being removed like the plaques honoring former record holding track greats who have graduated from DMHS? Who will become the new keeper of the sports history of DMHS? Did anyone else find it odd and irregular that Phillip Dowell, the track star, who was injured playing football was pictured in the newspaper with Yvonne Sheard instead of with his track coach? Has Reggie Williams been erased also? Oh, he must be too old. Word on the street is that Gerald Akridge is being removed as basketball coach because he believes in winning too much and because he is too old. The white losing football coach looks older than both of these men. There is consistency here though. You may depend on EPSD being forever inconsistent.

Why are we allowing a private business concern (also an employee) who is obviously making money photographing prom pictures set the tone of our district by displaying the photos of our school teams as DMAE Sports? Did these DMAE teachers take it upon themselves to do this? It seems a mite unethical to me. Who gave him/them the authority to do this? Who sanctioned this? Garry Hollander, band director cannot take the heat for this one. Do we have a few loose cannons here in Englewood? Are these loose cannons teaching in the Academy and collecting a check made up of our tax dollars? Is there another "special interest group" involved here that is made up of teachers?
What is an Athletic Academic Facilitator? Is this a Guidance Counselor or a Health and Physical Education teacher? Inquiring minds would really like to know if this Title has been approved by the state and the board of education. We have not seen it listed on any agendas. All NEW TITLES must be approved by the state. Board of Ed approval is not enough. The new title must also be voted on in front of the tax paying public. Perhaps we will revisit this positon later in order to ascertain whether protocol was followed in Knighting Mr. Ceresnak. Another question. Who is the keeper of the DMHS Athletic website? We would like all website administrators to stand up and be recognized.

Has anyone noticed that the Athletic field and stadium is being allowed to collect garbage, stagnant water and equipment that should be properly stored? How would you like for your child to step on this neglected rake? Does anyone know what the Facilities Committee of the Board of Education and Mr. Hunkin is building beneath the stands at Winton White Stadium? Give us a shout out if you know what is going on beneath the stadium. The agenda from the July 21, 2011 board meeting indicated that renovations would be made to the snack bar to the tune of $22,000. I hope there will be more work than just that roof overhang for that amount.

Nothing was said about the extensive construction pictured in these photos.  I hope that all of that construction is planned to benefit the children, the sports program and the community. I hope that those rooms are lockerooms, bathrooms and storage rooms  for the teams. It seems awful strange that at the same time decisions are being made that will eventuall destroy the Athletic program all of this work is being done at the Athletic facility. Oh and where is that basketball court that was promised in the referendum? I hope that this is not a facility that will be used only to generate funds to fill that proverbial wormhole where funds from rented facilities disappear forever.

It should be noted that the overflowing garbage can to the right is located next to a sign that forbids food, drinks, chewing gum, sunflower seeds, smoking, metal cleats and the driving of stakes. I suppose the metal rake was used to spread the sand in the pit. Is anyone else wondering if tests or research was conducted to determine the effect all that plastic and artificial, man made "stuff" has on humans when they roll in it or breathe it in? Uhmmm! Where 'o' where are the folks who are supposed to take care of the stadium? Is it unkempt this way because it belongs to the City? So who bears the responsibility to keep it clean, the city or the board of education? To whomever is responsible, you must do better.

Perhaps a  porous cover
would make this less of a
 mosquito haven..

Does this neglect coincide with the neglect of our DMHS students and athletes? Did anyone else get that the new GPA requirement may be aimed at removing DMHS students from the sports teams altogether. Seems nothing is being done in the early years when these young people do poorly on the standardized tests. A little Title I Math and Reading, provided early on,  might do a lot to prepare these young people to achieve the GPA needed to participate in sports. Did anyone else notice that this new GPA requirement seems to be directed at boy's basketball? Is there a Master Plan of exclusion here? Is this part of allowing anything indicative of the traditional DMHS to fall into ruin or to actively erase it. Dwight Morrow High School is not written on the Billboard. Even Recreation's tiny little football players have a sign that gives them a shout out. Yeah, we noticed that guys. Dwight should be right up there with his friend Winton White. 
Where is the money coming from? Is this referendum money? I must check that. Are these our tax dollars at work and we have not even been told or asked what we think? In the top photo you will notice a large heating/air conditioning unit. Word on the street is that this will be Hunkin's office. Who is Hunkin and where does he get the authority? To whom does he report? I know whom the state says he should report? Perhaps the Business Administrator will be able to shed a little light here. According to Article 6A of the NJ State Administrative Code, the Business Administrator is the one who supervises such construction. Would anyone like to take bets on the fact that Mr. Olobardi knows very little of what is afoot here? Does Mr. Tabakin or Mr. Stephen Brown have inside information?  According to the NJ Licensure & Credentials Code, Mr Olobardi is the only person in the district certified to make the decisions that govern the construction shown here. And by the by, the board of education does NOT have the power to change that. So fellow taxpayers, do we have some questions for Mr. Hunkin, Mr. Olobardi, Mr. Tabakin and perhaps Mr. Glenn Garrison?

Dwight Morrow High School
. Home of the Raiders
There is still space at the top of the billboard to give DMHS and the RAIDERS a shout out. Stop allowing workfare to make decisions that affect a community in which they do not live. Stop the wholesale indoctrination of children into Stepfords guided by folks who are simply collecting a check. Perhaps the governor had this in mind when he created the new residency laws. Stop neglecting our school and our teams. GO RAIDERS! 

How are the children?