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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Every Parent Must Do In Order to Stay Informed....

"How are the Children"
It has come to my attention that there are programs in place that are theoretically open and free to all Englewood school children.. Notices for these programs may be on the counter of the main office in the building of the school that your child attends. 

It has also come to my attention that people think we don't care about our kids, because we do not attend back to school night, parent conferences, parent teacher meetings and do  not respond to repeated calls in our homes or on our cellphones from conscientious staff informing us of problems. The word is that you don't care.

WEBSITE for the Board of Education
Click here to see the Official Board of Education Website if you have never been there before. Get to know the site and the way that it is set up. Hopefully, there will be some improvements soon. Use the email addresses there if you are not satisfied that it is keeping you informed. The word is that you don't care.

LIBERTY SCHOOL Brick and mortar home of the Board of Education and The Eagle Program
Russel C. Major Liberty School
Visit here for the first time If you have not already done so. Check the windows and doors for flyers advertising school and community activities. Look into each office and make a mental note of the purpose of each. Check for flyers on a regular basis. It seems this is the method they use to inform you of programs and activities for your child. While you are there, visit the Superintendent's office and sign up for the "walking tours of the Englewood School Buildings" that are now playing out of Central Office. Get to know your School System. Did you know that there are tutorial sessions open to your child taking place upstairs in this building every single day? The word is that you don't care.

We all need heroes
 ATTEND at least one School board meeting (they are listed with the agenda on the calendar on the BOE Website) If you never attend again, go and meet the board members and the Superintendent. Important decisions that will shape the life of your child are made everytime they meet. Get to know the faces of the people who call the shots. Become more to them than just a demographic. Be counted. The word is that you don't care.

THE MAIN OFFICE of your child's school building...
  • Step into the main office of your child's school at least every 2 weeks. 
  • Take a copy of each handout or flyer on the counter. There is important information that you need in order to make sure that your child is up to date in school
  • Get acquainted with office personnel. (keep a log of who is whom)
  • Meet the principal and shake his hand at least once. Look him/her in the face.
  • Make an appointmet to see your child's guidance counselor (What is a GPA?)  Know Guidance well.
  • Find out how your child is being TRACKED...
  • Meet the school Nurse. Make sure she has all of your contact information
  • Get to know Secretaries, Office Assistants, and Security. (know who your child may depend on in a time of crisis, if help is needed)
  • Check out the School Library at least once in a while 
  • Find out what type of extracurricular activities are available (after school activities including clubs and sports)
  • Please do not forget the Fine & Performing Arts. Children must begin to embrace more of the fun things in school.
AT HOME with your child or children
  • Check bookbags for flyers with announcements and homework strewn about carelessly. Fix that.
  • Check notebooks for homework assignments, tests, quizzes with grades, classwork with grades, notes from the teacher
  • Supervise homework. Make an Official Parent Notebook Check for organization once a week.
  • Keep a Teacher/Subject Log: collect communications from teachers, print out emails, make written note of any teacher contact by subject. Documentation is key.
  • Talk to your children about school. You will be surprised that they want to talk about their experiences. Keep dialogue open so you will know when your child needs your help. Listen.
There is one for each school. Find out who they are, what they do and when, where and why  they do it.
The word is that we don't care.

"How Are The Children?"