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Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Right To Read: Censorship in the School Library.

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The reopening of the Library at Dwight Morrow High School has been announced. The celebration honoring the reopening was noted casually at a board meeting and on the District website with a number to call in order to RSVP.  Some people have even gotten written invitations in the mail. Did you receive one? The systematic dismantling of school libraries in the Englewood Schools has been so damaging that a letter should go to every home apolozing for the disruption in intellectual stimulation. This apology should have come inclusive of an invitation to the re-opening ceremony. Such significance should have been given to this occasion that students should have been encouraged to research the history of the school and town in order to find a noteworthy scholar for which to name the newly renovated facility. For whom is it named? (The question has been answered. The Library is The Ellen S. Bindman Library)

I stand strong for developing powerful Libraries. The Janis E. Dismus Middle School library pictured below is back in focus. We can only hope that the literature and media offered reflects and represents the many cultures of students in the school and the district. Click the main title of this article and learn about the battles being waged by School Librarians in regard to what is put on Library shelves across America.

Is the avid recreational reader a dying breed?

Janis E. Dismus MS Library
Sometimes students need to hear what various groups outside of the
classroom have to say on the subject of reading. The Motivation to read needs a lot of work. Perhaps more should be done to demonstrate that teachers, parents, and administrators are active readers and writers. We should stop trying to control the reading material that is rigorous and interesting to students. Who knows where I would have ended up if my Mother had stopped me from reading comics, the Grit Newspaper, or my older brother's school books. That is where I met Charles Dickens. Everyone involved in encouraging students to read must read themselves. Why should students take reading seriously when everyone else seems to get along okay without doing so? We must begin to model the behavior that we wish to see emulated.  We all know that works, afterall, that is where a lot of negative stereotypes originate.

 (note to principals in their guide to libraries)
"It is the season to look around, regroup, and plan ahead. What needs a fresh start? What needs repair? What needs just a little fine tuning? The enclosed Principal’s Manual is designed to guide you in assessing and planning for your school library media program. AASL offers this manual as an aid as you prepare with your school library media staff, district administrators, teachers, students, and parents for the next school year. There are valuable tools that will assist you every step of the way. So take your manual in hand and enjoy the journey!"