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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

An Eagle@Liberty Soars!

The most progressive thing about Englewood Board of Education's reorganization meeting on May 12, 2011 were the smiles on the Eagle@Liberty students as they posed with their plaques for winning 1st prize in a video contest. 
In the top photo they are pictured posing nervously with their instructors.
In the second from the top, I got an odd response when I asked them to strike a "homeboy poise" for me. They smiled and gave me what they knew I wanted, which was a more relaxed pose featuring teenage contest winners.
They cheered when I asked them to pose in front of a collage of President Obama. In unison, they all said, "Yes We Can!" They were proud to echo the message presented on the board at Grieco Elementary School. You had to be there.

Students enrolled in Englewood's E.A.G.L.E School recently entered a contest at The Center For Alcohol and Drug Resources: A Program of Children's Aid and Family Services. The winning video chosen was created by the Eagle Alternative High School Program which is part of the Englewood Public School District. Congratulations to Natalia Rodriquez, Aziz McCullum, Michael Chin, Domonique Pleasant, and David Naranjo. Natalia was not in attendance at the meeting.
It is a short video that runs less than 2 minutes and may be viewed at the organization's site. 

I must make note that the EAGLE Program's school building has been condemned for many years.