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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Do We Need Midterm and Final Exams in the HIgh School?

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Did you ever wonder what happens in a high school during the spring months? Have you ever seen "Spring Fever" in a teenager up close and personal? I have.

I question the legitimacy of a school system that does not have students on task throughout the 180 days that they are required to be in the classroom. So what are the students at Dwight Morrow High School doing right now? Some say they have projects. That is not enough. Projects are rarely worked on in class. What are they doing on a daily basis for the last two months of school? Seniors everywhere are usually mentally gone anyway, because of prom and the general senioritis. What are the rest of the students doing?

If Final Exams were in place in the high school, there would be no reason to ask that question. The answer would be obvious. "They are preparing for finals." A former colleague refers to  it as "Benign Neglect". Students must be actively involved in learning these last months of school. They are already facing 2 months of "no time on task".

I read the CAPA REPORT for Dwight Morrow High School 2008 - 2009. It did not present a glowing description of our educational program strategies. I  do not see indicators that any of the New Jersey State Department of Education suggestions are being taken seriously. Englewood has a reputation of "not" having documented Curriculum. It is time to change that reputation.
What is Curriculum?
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Curriculum is a document. In this document each subject area has a clear set of goals and objectives. The course of study is broken into units (or other module) and lists specific activities, materials, textbooks, magazines, online and off line resources, guest speakers and media that will be used throughout the year. It contains examples of tests and other assessment systems.  It is simply a collection of documents from each department detailing objectives for student achievement. It explains the strategies to be used to impart information to the students. The best curriculum is like a road map to  teachers. It keeps them centered and this helps to center the students. Having good Curriculum that is aligned to the NJCCC Standards is tied to student achievement. Poor test scores in Englewood students is a direct result of the absent curriculum. Without curriculum, there is no big picture. Without a standard curriculum in each subject area it is difficult to establish benchmarks for development as the student passes from grade to grade.  How do we determine if the student has learned all that is required, if all that is required is not documented?

Without exams, the last 2 months of school are wasted. The climate is too lackadaisical. Idle time breeds problems. We see the end result of NOT having a rigorous learning environment. Now it is time for everyone to embrace change.
"How are the children?"