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Friday, May 27, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: Special Education

CAPA REVIEW (Collaborative Assessment of Planning and Achievement)
This review was conducted by the New Jersey Department of Education: 2008 - 2009
This post includes the state's recommendations for improving the achievement of Dwight Morrow High School students in the area of Special Education.

This is what the School is recommended to do in order to improve achievement in Special Education..
1. Implement an intensive reading program
2. Provide more professional development on inclusion, differentiated instruction, and curriculum implementation.
3. Provide more relevant electives for non-college bound special education students.

This is what the District should do in order to improve achievement in Special Education.

1. The District should initiate a curriculum rewriting process.

Reopening the Library is only a miniature step in improving the level of literacy among all of our students. The State has recognized that more attention must be given to students with learning disabilities and poor reading skills. There is no getting around the fact that teachers must be trained more comprehensively in curriculum implementation. Throughout the report it is noted that teachers do not have a strong grasp of differentiated instruction. It is also noted throughout that Dwight Morrow High School students are leaving without any useable skills that will help them find jobs. Rewriting the curriculum is given precedence numerous times as a means to improving student readiness. Read this letter and note that the state is changing the way students will be tested throughout the year. If you read it, the board and the Chief School Administer will not be able to ignore it. 
Dr. Carlisle has asked the Board of Education to give him goals and objectives several times in public meetings. The goals are obvious based on the recommendations required by the state. Our Board of Education and Chief School Administrator must begin to read and utilize suggestions from the state that are clearly in the best interest of the children.

"How are the children?"