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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Are Our Schools In Crisis?: Support For The School

CAPA REVIEW (Collaborative Assessment of Planning and Achievement)
This review was conducted by the New Jersey Department of Education: 2008 - 2009
This post includes the state's recommendations for improving the achievement of Dwight Morrow High School students in the area of SUPPORT FOR THE SCHOOL.

Recommendations: What the School must do.
1. There should be be 100% staff participation in all professional development efforts that are provided on differentiated instruction, sensitivity training in cultural awareness, and demonstrating high expectations for all students' success.
2. There should be efforts to engage community organizations and businesses to assist in attracting parents and the community in building partnerships with the school.

The district should prorate funding to provide for the specific needs of the High School.

Are you getting the picture? Have you the community organizations and businesses been approached about assisting in getting parents and the community to partner with the school? The business to the right donated 2 $50 gift certificates without hesitation when approached by the PTO president of Quarles School. The gift certificates will be given away at the Latin Dance Night. DoubleTake: A Consignment Boutique  is now partnering with the Quarles PTO. Magalye Matos is doing her part to develop partnerships in the local business community. Below she is dressed as Clifford,  the Big Red Dog. She danced around in that hot suit for nearly an hour giving a great deal of joy to parents and children who attended the PTO sponsored "Book Fair".  Have any of you reading this been asked to partner with the schools?

Has funding been set aside for the specific needs of the high school? ALL of the high school. If you follow the CAPA link back to the report, you will see that I have copied the recommendations exactly as they were written. (page 34) A cooler building might help a little also. Any long range planning should take into consideration that the earth gets a lot warmer during the months of May and June than when the building was originally built. Few changes have been made to accomodate the climate shift. Might the hot stuffiness of the building contribute to a disruption in climate?

So parents, are you feeling left out yet? I am. If so, contact the PTO president at your child's school. Find out what is being done to nurture a partnership with businesses and parents in the community. Businesses that wish to show your love for education are invited to contact Magalye Matos and get your table at the Latin Dance Night Festivities. We are not just talking about Fundraising events.  We are talking about Internships for graduating seniors also. There are many ways that businesses may improve the effectiveness of the educational process in town.
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