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Sunday, May 29, 2011


CAPA REVIEW (Collaborative Assessment of Planning and Achievement)
This review was conducted by the New Jersey Department of Education: 2008 - 2009
This post includes the state's recommendations for improving the achievement of Dwight Morrow High School students in the area of LEADERSHIP & NCLB SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT COMMITTEE

Leadership and No Child Left Behind School Improvement Committee
1. Develop a plan to include parents, community members, and students as members of the school
NCLB Committee.
2. Develop a plan to systematically monitor and evaluate school best practices and instructional programs to improve student achievement outcomes.
3. Establisdh and systematically monitor a process to implement data-driven instruction to meet the educational needs of each student.

May I see a show of hands of those of you parents, community members and students who are currently serving on the NCLB School Improvement Committee.  Would you like to see the plan to systematically monitor and evaluate the school's best practices and instructional programs that are designed to improve ALL student achievement? So would I. Where is the established process that is supposed to implement data-driven instruction tailored to meet the educational needs of EACH student?

Data-driven instruction - data-driven instruction should come from groups of teachers working together on research and using data to improve instruction—rather than having data monitored as a way of checking NCLB "compliance." Click here for a detailed explanation of Data-driven Instruction.
Data - information collected about a students's academic development. It is important to know specifically what students have learned, when they learned it, what they can do and how well they demonstrate mastery of this information..

Objectives? Surely you jest.  We want to be included. We want to make sure that you have a plan to systematically monitor and evaluate programs already in place in order to make it perfectly clear that every child is expected to achieve mastery regardless of the building in which they attend classes.

And a little off subject, but could someone refresh me again as to why 2 groups of students are totally physically and purposely separated from each other based on test scores, academic achievement and what else, I wonder. In the 60's and earlier, some argued that there was no segregation in Englewood. They said it was a housing issue. Is it still a housing issue? Should address be added to the litany above? The Math and Science Teams Academy at Teaneck High School included children with higher test scores than here. These genuises were integrated into the high school population. We should begin to move towards that. Is anyone happy with such obvious favoritism and elitism?

Dwight Morrow High School has been described as a school of choice.

"How are the children?"