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Friday, May 20, 2011

African American Mother's Association: Induction Ceremony

The first order of business for this newly formed association
will be to induct new members.
Mother and Son at the Beach
I hereby induct into the African American Mother's Association
All white women with black children
Especially black sons.
To all helicopter Moms
You are hereby embraced into a culture of people who realize that their sons
like the great bald Eagle are an endangered species that warrants protection.
It worries you that the world
Will not see them as they see you, but as their father's folk and that they will not be safe.
Your children see you, love you and are very lucky to have you hover.
A word of advice, make larger circles.
It may NOT be runaway trains that you see.

Welcome to our world. We are one. We are called the village.
Welcome to the Mother's Association that produced men like, Benjamin Banneker,
Frederick Douglass, Meager Eavers, Adam Clayton Powell, Alex Haley, Alvin Ailey,
Langston Hughes, Malcolm X, John A. Williams, Martin Luther King Jr. and President Barak Obama to name a few..

Know that you are the greatest hero in the lives of your children.
We embrace you
As you renew your pledge to love, educate and protect your kids.
We open our hearts to you.
You are now officially a Black Mother..

This meeting is now adjourned.