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Saturday, March 26, 2011

One Parent's Statement to the Board of Education

All of our children are important including the latch key kids and the neglected. None should be forgotten. The talented tenth setup in the Englewood School System is not conducive to the student body in the Englewood School District as a whole. The talented tenth will always be talented. It is the mainstream, the majority of the population that needs to be brought up to the talented tenth. We must all open our eyes and ears. Many of our children are behind. Some are drowning. No child should be left behind. Segregation in the Englewood Public School system has to end. The Board researched and chose our current superintendent, Dr. Carlisle. If he fails, we must look to the board members and should hold them responsible. We cannot not accept another upheaval for our children. This needs to be our last superintendent for a long while. Teachers must be expected to work with their superintendent, the parents and our children. The public should expect our ELECTED board to work with the superintendent they chose for us. His failure is their failure.
Speak up parents.
Make them all Academy Prep.
Make them all AVID.
There is free tutoring available every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday at the Liberty School, 3rd Floor. The teachers there are excellent. Take advantage of it. Don't accept anything less than the best for EVERY child in Englewood, not just a select few.
Submitted by: Donna Sumler, concerned parent and taxpayer.