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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Is Your 8th Grader Ready for the GEPA or the New Jersey Ask?

 The Eight Grade Proficiency Assessment - 8th graders in many NJ districts are preparing to take this test right now. It will be given this spring. Talk to your child. Contact the school. Find out the exact dates it will be given. It is a stressful time for the students. It evaluates whether your child has the necessary skills to enter high school. The resource below will help you and your child prepare for the GEPA. Find out what kind of preparations or practice activities are taking place at school. Check your child's school calendar, if it is not there, check with guidance.

Barron's New Jersey GEPA: Language Arts Literacy   It contains practice and review in:
  • Writing picture Essays
  • Writing Persuasive Essays
  • Writing Narrative Essays
  • Test Taking Advice - This practice booklet contains detailed explanations of the (official) test's format,
  • Advice on answering multiple choice and open ended questions.
  • It also contains 2 full length practice exams with answer keys provided.
This booklet provides you and your child with the tools needed to succeed on the GEPA this spring. Prepare together. Pretend you are giving the test and encourage your child to take the activity seriously.
  • Discourage lying about on the floor with a lackadaisical attitude.
  • Encourage sitting upright, breathing in and out to relax.
  • They should work quietly w/o electronic devices of any kind.
  • No music (Create the actual conditions of the test when practicing)
  • Encourage writing in cursive.
  • Participate in this process by timing student practice sessions. (loosely at first)
  • Keep sessions short enough so your child is not tired out. Pat attention. Talk.
  • Discuss the purposes of the test and reasons for practice.
  • Follow the directions and give the practice test yourself.
The exercises in this book offer students the opportunity to strengthen their literacy and writing skills.
It offers parents the opportunity to get involved in the process. It makes both parents and students aware of what is expected of them. The School District uses the results of this Test to understand the skill levels of the incoming freshman class. The GEPA evaluates 3 major skills:
  • critical reading skills
  • the ability to write clearly and maturely
  • the potential to be an independent thinker
These skills are essential in high school and in life. You can't beat the price. Gently used books begin at 1 cent + shipping and handling. If you don't have the shipping cost, write down the title, go to the school and request a practice copy to be used at home.

Let'a Prepare for the NJ Math GEPA