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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Impromptu Walk for Voter's Rights

Some of you may have received Stephen Brown and Glenn Garrison's flyer containing these statements. We will not even deal with the fact that the statement concerning the hiring of employees is untrue.

In March of 2012, it came to my attention that SEEK was holding interviews and selecting Candidates to run for the Englewood School Board. Persons who were handpicked by SEEK Members and interviewed reported that they were questioned by 5 sitting School Board Members and their wives.

I was so distressed by this that I called the New Jersey School Boards Association.
Ray Pinney, then in charge of Community outreach said that it did seem a bit odd that they would have 5 Board Members present, but that in Type II School Districts all over the state of NJ they did it this way.

I did not take that as my final answer. I consulted the NJ Legislature. I was given the same
answer. It was okay, as long as there was no quorum. (in this case, a quorum is more than 4) If there was a quorum, then they were violating the Open Public Meetings Act and could be reported to the County Prosecutor.

Point being, that SEEK has hand picked School Board Candidates since they came into existence. As soon as the other side does the same thing, with Community Members instead of Board Wives, there is something wrong with the process.  

I see something terribly wrong in that logic.

Tomorrow, in the year 2014 @ 2:30 pm, we are walking for the right to vote
We are walking for the right to choose our own Candidates.
We are walking for the freedom of Choice to vote for and Support whomever we please.

It is ultimately up to the people whom they elect.

We were recently made aware that 2 of our School Administrators have been threatened,
because they displayed lawn signs that the other side did not agree with.

We are walking for those 2 Residents' right to vote for and support whomever they please.

We are walking for all those who are not able or who are afraid to walk for themselves.

We are walking for those who lost their lives and their freedom during the Civil Rights era
so that we could walk to exercise our right to vote today

Finally, we are walking to make sure that Englewood Voters are made aware that School Board Elections have been moved to November 4, 2014.

Please join us on Bennett Road where our walk will begin. Help us to send a peaceful 
message to those who would discourage us from our right to choose our own candidates.

We will exercise our right to vote. 
Help us send the message there is no place for voter suppression of any kind
in our town.

We will see you on Bennett Road at 2:30 pm tomorrow if you have some time to spare.

                  "......And how are the children?"