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Monday, November 25, 2013

Calling All Student Filmmakers...!

President Obama has an assignment for you.

He would like to see your work in The White House.

Click the link below and find detailed instructions on how to
participate in the first ever White House Film Festival.

In the Absence of Equity...

Is there conflict of interest?

Recently, the President of our Parent Advisory Council questioned the lack of equity on Dwight Morrow High School Campus.

She asked the Board of Education again why
there is little or no equity on the campus.

She pointed out the fact that some Board Members
have been there long enough to understand how
the question should be answered.

There was silence.

Two Board members have been forbidden from voting
on any and all personnel issues. Our Board President
took credit for eliciting this Advisory Decision from
the School Ethics Commission. He said  that a parent 
had asked a question about "conflict of interest" during 
the Candidates forum.

5 Members of our Board of Education have children
who attend our Vocational & Technical Program
at the high school. 

Why is it not a conflict of interest for these same 5 Board Members
to vote on issues concerning the Vocational & Technical Program?

On Thursday, November 21, the Board voted unanimously to approve
5 field trips spending nearly $6,000.00 for students in the Vocational 
and Technical Program. No trips were presented or approved from 
students in our Comprehensive High School.

The little ones from Quarles were charged 11 bucks a head 
and they will be traveling to Paramus, NJ on a bus we own. 
So the district could not pay the $11 admission for the 55 pre-schoolers?

Oh, the price of gas, so exorbitant.

Equity is a Half Eaten Pie...!

And there are no more plates or chairs at the table...

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Where do we begin...?

I have not posted in a long while. I have been accused of only publishing negative stories and "gotcha" articles and information.

I stopped publishing. Writer's block set in and I started to question myself. That is over

                                                      How are the children?