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Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Jersey State Board of Education/Attorney General Please Stand UP!

Newark, Camden and Jersey City school districts are run by the state. Now the push is towards privatizing the educational leadership in these districts. Has the state given up hope for these children and their parents? The "Urban Hope Act" or Bill S3173/A4426 enables these three school districts to allow private entities to manage the public schools. These privately-managed public schools are called “renaissance schools". It is said that it will stop here with these 3 needy districts. What exactly does this takeover mean? What will be different? Someone really needs to spell it out.

It is time for the voters of New Jersey to tell our elected political leaders, and the Attorney General of the State of New Jersey to enforce the Educational Laws and Statutes of the State. Stop ignoring the Constitution. It is no coincidence that at the same time this is happening there is a CAP on Superintendent Salaries and mandates for Board of Education Members to submit to criminal background checks. There is corruption. CORRUPTION. Stop circumventing the laws. Enforce them. Stop back peddling on mandates. Do what the law requires. Where is all that ZERO tolerance and TRANSPARENCY that folks have been talking about for years?

What will change when the people in charge of these same failing/minority districts are private entities? What will happen when the big land developers and Billionaire Corporations, for instance have free reign? Oh, and is Communist China going to get a piece of the pie also? Are we selling off the responsibility to educate the poor and disenfranchised youth of America? Exactly what Miracle are they expecting? The method in which the money is being misused might become more elaborately cloaked. What will that do for the children? Someone really needs to deal with that question. The welfare and the education of the children must come first. Make it so. Stop with the abject Cowardice and exchange it for integrity and gain some respect from the stakeholders who put you in office.

There is very little difference between Englewood and the districts named above. Regardless of how steeped in fantasy many of us have become, we have some of the same problems. In some ways we are in bigger trouble. At least the residents of those districts know that they are in deep sh*t.

Proposed Bill: The Urban Hope Act

Some of us are actually capable of putting 2 and 2 together without the aid of a calculator.

            How are the children?